a.k.a. L.D. Lucy - Bequia's Oasis Art Gallery

If you have arrived here via an art gallery oasis on a little Caribbean isle, yes, this is me -  same artist, different island: new seasides, climate, clowns.  After 20 years an artist on Bequia, at first the BoatHouse then as curator too at the island's premier art venue the Oasis Art Gallery it was time to leap into a bigger, more challenging and exhilarating art world.  I chose to be Lesley (L.D.) Beaupré again, a more European name, perhaps, for this new chapter of the artist's story that was to  include galleries, Art fairs and events

But then, soon after my London art show debut ...                                  


so I worked instead largely as a scupltor with palette of stucco and cement restoring an old Greek village house.  Now my studio is finished; I pick up smaller brushes; plans and art begin to take shape, as you will see.  Until then, this website opens with art from my English south-coast summers alongside a portfolio of works  that (literally) travelled from Bequia on the Banana Boat.  Several have not before been exhibited; others were shown but not for sale...... time now for artist and dog to move on

.... talking of which - yes Black Dog (not of  the depressed breed!) made the journey only to be shocked to discover that by law dogs here are not allowed in the sea!  Being a Bequia hound that means only one thing.... and another new begining ?


 (Thank you for your visit)